Movement of Geronticus eremita

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Had fun exploring the @HORUS_EBD study site with Daniel García today. After we found out a female #kestrel disappeared from one of the nests we relocated the male at a nearby #nest box where he was courting another female. Dani installed a nest camera to monitor their progress👌. Retweeted by Proyecto HORUS

Today I learned: only a @Pringles tube can contain the rage of a kestrel being measured for #research. #ornithology #BirdsOfPrey #sciencetwitter Retweeted by Proyecto HORUS

This particularly angry hatch-year male received a #GPS transmitter to monitor home range and migratory movements. #behavioralscience #tracking #ornithology #telemetry #satellite Retweeted by Proyecto HORUS

On how lesser kestrels migrated to Africa in 2017!

Este vídeo muestra la migración otoñal de 14 primillas marcados por SEO-BirdLife y GREPFA en el año 2017. Son 51 segundos que resumen 49 días del periodo migratorio de esta especie. La migración se ha estudiado... facebook.com/horusebdcsic/p…